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Zethameta BV

  Pieter Hoebeeweg 46 (In de buurt)
  3316 BT   Dordrecht
  Telefoon: 078-6522633
  Fax: 078-6137275

  Email ons.


The company took its first steps with Henk Heuvelman at the helm, who was the grandfather of the current Jansen generation. In 1966, Heuvelman’s ship breaking company got its big break when it was called in to dismantle the Ping An, a ship that had run aground off Ter Heijde. All the revenue from the dismantled ship was invested in the company’s, and the Netherlands’, first hydraulic scrap shear. Kees Jansen and his two brothers-in-law took over the company and grew it into a group with 16 sites across the Netherlands and abroad. After the sale of Heuvelman Staal, Kees Jansen started again in 1988 when he purchased Zethameta in Vlaardingen. Together with his sons Klaas and Arie Kees, he made a fresh start in the scrap iron and metal trade. Harm Jansen joined them in 1992. Kees Jansen passed away in 2008, but right up to that moment he could still often be seen on site, with his sleeves rolled up, and as busy as ever, which was typical of his mentality and that of the current company.

Recycling with passion

In the present day, the three Jansen brothers still recycle with great passion, like father Kees and grandfather Henk had done before them. This passion stems from a drive to care for the earth; on average, recycling of metals saves 75% of the energy needed for extraction of ever scarcer primary resources. That is how the Jansens and their seventy enthusiastic employees are working on a world as it is meant to be.

Jansen Recycling Group

Quality, reliability, and flexibility are reasons why customers and buyers choose Jansen Recycling Groep. Quality of our ferrous and non-ferrous base materials, reliability and flexibility in our customer relationships. Expertise, state-of-the-art machinery, and flexible and reliable transport options make Jansen Recycling Group the ideal trade partner.

Zethameta, Metaalhandel AC Jansen, Groenleer Metaalrecycling, Ducorec and Waterstad Recycling together make up Jansen Recycling Group: a powerful partnership of global proportions!

The Zethametha ferrous materials site in Dordrecht is situated in Dordrecht’s inland port area at the Krabbepolder industrial park (West Dordrecht). Trade and industrial partners ensure a steady daily stream of several tonnes of ferrous materials into this site, which is subsequently weighed, inspected, and stored. The scrap metal is then reduced in size using a scrap shear, and prepped for melting furnaces and foundries in the Netherlands and further afield. Exceptionally large pieces are first made smaller using a cutting torch. The quality of ferrous products is closely monitored.

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