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Novatek International

  Beth van de Rijtlaan 4 (In de buurt)
  5673 AB   Nuenen
  Telefoon: 040 7870328

  Email ons.

Novatek’s primary goal is to provide leading edge, laboratory information management technology; its business is focused on Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Chemical, Biological, Contract labs and Medical Industries. Our software installed in more than 200 analytical laboratories, quality inspection organizations and high-end clinical operations throughout the world. Customers include municipal and private laboratories, as well as Fortune 500 corporations. Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS is a 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant solution that ensures having centralized control and maintenance of all data. It is comprised of specialized functional modules such as Environmental Monitoring, Stability Testing, Raw Material Analyzer, Finished Product Analyzer, Calibration and Preventive Maintenance, Automated Packaging Component Analyzer and Document Management System, audit and training and more.

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