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Valveco - The Valve Company -

  Nikkelstraat 22 (In de buurt)
  2984 am   Ridderkerk
  Telefoon: 0180-465701
  Fax: 0180-465084

  Email ons.

As a relatively small, but very professional and service oriented team, we stock at a strategic location near Rotterdam ( The Netherlands ), an extensive line of valves, fittings and flanges suited for the international maritime industry. You may be interested to know that our stock programme also includes the JIS standard valves and flanges. This special standard is just a phone call away. In addition, we supply valves, fittings and flanges in accordance with DIN specifications. Overnight shipment through international carriers is part of our service. We stock Gate, Globe, Check, Needle, Ball, Plug, Butterfly, Cock, Storm, Hose, Quick Closing, Mud boxes, Strainer, Pressure Gauge, Level Gauge, Straub Pipe Coupling, Overboard-discharge valve, Flanges. We invite you to experience -the Valveco service-. Many customers have preceded you.

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